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Considering the latest beauty or aesthetic procedure but unsure about the financing options?

Treatment finance offers an accessible alternative to conventional payment methods, allowing you to undergo the procedures you desire. Opting for treatment finance comes with significant advantages:

  1. Receive the procedure you desire, achieving the appearance you aim for.

  2. Distribute the cost of the procedure across a timeframe that suits your financial situation.

  3. Opt for Interest-free Finance, a more feasible option compared to using credit cards or securing bank loans.

  4. The application process is straightforward, and repayments are effortlessly managed through Direct Debit.

  5. Backed by prominent credit institutions.

Bodytips Medispa simplifies the entire process, from application to payment, through modern online technologies. This means you can focus more on selecting the right procedure for you and less on the financial logistics.

The application can be completed in under three minutes, and our team can provide you with all the necessary details on how to apply.


 Our GOcardless Plan facilitates the scheduling of your upcoming monthly sessions through a pre-payment system that encompasses all the treatments into 1 easy to manage monthly payment.

  1. Perfect for individuals looking to manage the financial aspect of their routine appointments.

  2. Allows both the patient and the practitioner to strategically prepare for long-term aesthetic improvements.

  3. Payments are conveniently made in advance through monthly direct debits.

  4. Completely interest-free.

  5. No credit check required

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