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Eyes and Brows


Helping you embrace your natural beauty with confidence. I have incredible solutions that will transform your confidence!

Consider my signature brow treatment: tailored to complement your distinct facial structure and skin hue. It promises longevity – it won't smudge, fade, or require removal. Whether you're swimming, steaming or relaxing in a sauna, your brows will stay impeccable.


Consultation – you can book a separate consultation or have this and treatment on the same day. This is your chance to ask any questions you may have, tell me about yourself and what you’d like from treatment. A separate consultation is free of charge but a deposit of £50 is required when you book your treatment. This cost will be taken off the total leaving the balance to pay on the day of treatment.

Patch test – all new clients are required to have a patch test, even if they’ve had semi-permanent makeup before. A small amount of pigment is placed behind your ear, similar to a hair dye test and left for 24 hrs. If you think you may opt to have a consultation and treatment on the same day, a patch test can be posted in advance for you to do at home free of charge.

Pre-treatment Numbing: 30 minutes – a topical numbing cream will be applied to the area before treatment. Please let me know in advance if you are allergic or are known to react to topical anaesthetics.

Brow Design and Colour Selection – once numbed, I will map, measure and draw both brows with pencil, and select the perfect shade of pigment to complement your skin tone and colouring. This is very much a conversation between the two of us.

This part of the treatment usually takes around 35 minutes. The method we choose will depend on your desired look, skin type and lifestyle and can often be a combination.  The price remains the same, regardless of the method used.

After your treatment, you will be given some healing balm to take away, along with clear and concise aftercare instructions for you to follow.

Any tattoo on an exposed part of the body, such as the face, will be susceptible to fading caused by UVA/UVB light and the skin’s natural regeneration process. Over time, the pigment will lose its colour and need refreshing, with a colour-boosting maintenance treatment.

Flawless Brows Pricing:

Full set of brows (new clients) £325 

Existing clients follow-up/maintenance:

Within 3 months of full set £50

3-6 months £90

6-12 months £130

12-18 months £170

After 18 months from first appointment all returning clients will be charged for a new set of brows with a £10 discount.

Please be aware that follow-ups are not included in the full treatment price and there will be a charge for this according to time passed from your last treatment.


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